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15 September 2018

Dino's Diary

Meet Dino "Hello!! Lovely to meet you, my name is Dino! Most Dinosaurs are scaly and tough, but I'm the softest stegosaurus you've ever snuggled. I like to stomp around so my squishy spines wobble and I love practising my scary ROAAR!! I have a weekend diary and I go ...

14 September 2018


Roman Roads This afternoon in History, we looked at why the Romans built new roads in Britain and created a model to show the cross-section of a Roman road. Before the Romans arrived, Britain had no proper roads. The Celts rode horses, walked and traveled in carts pulled by oxen a...

14 September 2018

Problem Solving

Problem Solving with Class 1   On Friday afternoon we joined Class 1 for part of the afternoon to work on some creative problem-solving challenges. We worked fabulously as a team and created some wonderful structures, even if we did get a little wet!

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