Minutes of Aberford C of E Primary School PTA Meeting

Date:                     7th November 2018

Place:                    Arabian Horse, Aberford

Attendees:         Jennifer Eastwood (Chair)

                                Lisa Martland (PTA member)

                                Rochelle Bodey (PTA member)

                                Caroline Calder (Treasurer)

                                Philippa Boulding

                                Kelly Brown

                                Kirsty Hand

                                Janine Swales


Apologies received from Kat Knox-Renshaw, Rowena Summers, Emma Whiteside, Catherine Parker, Heather Davies, Emma Warner, Camilla Sunderland, Laura Slater, Louise Hofert, Nicola Walshaw


Matters arising from previous meeting


There were three actions brought forward from the previous meeting:

  • It was previously agreed to follow up on a possible adults only 80s disco that had been discussed in earlier PTA meetings, this action is to be carried forward;
  • It was agreed that parents should be reminded of the Easyfundraising.org.uk scheme that can be used when purchasing items online.  A splash is to be placed on the school website with a link to the easyfundraising.org.uk website and it was also proposed that there should be an incentive of a raffle for  those registered and making purchases via the website;
  • It was also agreed to investigate the clothes recycling that had been used as a previous fundraising method, this action is to be carried forward although it was acknowledged that there were challenges with delivery to school and storage prior to collection.


Minutes of meeting

Christmas Party 2018


JE confirmed that the date for the Christmas party was 8th December 2018 to be held at the village hall from 4pm-7pm.  It was confirmed that a DJ had already been booked.


A proposal was put forward given the nature and time of this event to cater only for children, and that this would be pre-prepared cold food such as a ‘picnic bag’.  This was agreed.


There followed a discussion regarding the format of the Christmas party and possible activities.  It was agreed that there should be a disco and party games.  In addition it was agreed to have the following: a sweet/toy stall; festive temporary tattoos; mystery jar stall; bran tub/lucky dip; a craft activity table; prize raffle; Christmas jumper competition and Flyline competition winner announcement (see below).  There will also be a licenced bar, mulled wine, soft drinks and hot drinks on sale.


The mystery jars will be requested as a donation from parents.  A plastic cup along with instructions/suggestions on what to fill them with is to be distributed at school to take home for parents to fill and donate if they wish although this will not be mandatory.


It was agreed that the PTA will try and arrange a visit from Father Christmas.  It was suggested that his arrival could be timed with the children being seated for their food and presents distributed during the time spent eating.  This was agreed and the PTA will speak to previous and current contacts to try and arrange his visit.


The pricing for the event was discussed and various price structures considered.  It was agreed that, subject to confirmation of underlying costs, tickets would likely be £4 per child, to include food and a gift from Father Christmas, and £1 per adult to include a mince pie.


JS kindly agreed to do the flyers for the event with a view to inserting into book bags by 16th November. 


A request was made for any raffle prize donation ideas.  A list has been previously drawn up of businesses to contact to request donations, additional businesses proposed to ask were Pizza Hut, hairdressers, Haribo, Aagrah and Lightwater Valley.


JE explained that The Flyline, a newly opened restaurant in Garforth, had suggested a competition to be run with the school whereby the children could design a Christmas picture for display in the restaurant and a winner chosen to receive a prize.  It was suggested that the children could be asked to complete their pictures in advance of the party and the winner announced at the party.  PB agreed that the competition details could be placed into the children’s book bags.


School Calendars


RB gave an update on the progress of the school calendars.  Around 15 advertisers have confirmed their support to place an advert in the calendar, the printing has been competitively quoted and a printer selected.  The template is near completion with the artworks from advertisers, following which the photos recently taken of the school children will be inserted.  Further photos of Sunbeams and school activities including the summer production, sports day and summer gala will be sourced for inclusion.


Previous calendars have been priced at £4 for one, £10 for three.


The calendars will be sold at school, the party and, if there are still unsold calendars, at the nativity play.


Movie Night


The possibility of a movie night at the school was discussed.  The proposed timing is late January 2019 to be held one afternoon immediately after school.  Children will be invited to bring pyjamas, cushion, cuddly toy etc and be served a snack such as popcorn and a drink.   The licencing requirements will be investigated and further details provided in due course.


Any other business


CC confirmed that the Halloween party had raised around £550 profit.  A thank you to the volunteers and an update on the amount raised will be printed in the next newsletter.



Minutes of Aberford C of E Primary School

Date:                     20th September 2018

Place:                    Arabian Horse, Aberford

Attendees:         Jennifer Eastwood (Chair)

                                Lisa Martland (PTA member)

                                Rochelle Bodey (PTA member)

                                Caroline Calder (Treasurer)


Emma Warner


Apologies received from Philippa Boulding, Kelly Brown, Kat Knox-Renshaw, Laura Slater, Janine Swales, Becky Blackmore, Louise Hofert, Nicola Walshaw


Matters arising from previous meeting


Due to change of PTA members as part of the agenda for the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”), matters arising from the previous meeting can be found in separate meeting minutes from the AGM on 20th September 2018.


Minutes of meeting



The three new members of the PTA and returning Treasurer each introduced themselves.


It was proposed and agreed that a WhatsApp group will be established to assist in organising events and working efficiently with volunteers.  It was agreed that parents will be asked if they would like to join the WhatsApp group although this will be on a voluntary basis only and is not a prerequisite to volunteering and helping with PTA led events.  The possibility of a Facebook page had been discussed at previous PTA meetings however it was agreed not to progress this further.


Future Events


It was proposed that the PTA will look to organise three core events during the school year being, a Halloween party, a Christmas party and a summer fair.  The appetite for any events in addition to these three will be discussed at future PTA meetings.


At a previous PTA meeting it was proposed to hold an adults only 80s disco.  It was agreed to follow this up with a  view to holding the event in 2019.


Halloween Party 2018


It was proposed to hold the Halloween party on 27th October 2018 from 6pm-9pm at the Aberford Village Hall.


The event is to be a ticketed event with proposed pricing of £5 per adult and free for children, the price of the ticket will include food for both the adults and children.


It was agreed that the arrangements for the party would include:

  • DJ to host disco and party games
  • Bar
  • Stall selling toys & sweets
  • Halloween temporary tattoos
  • Food to be chilli & Jacket potatoes for adults (including vegetarian chilli), hot dogs for children
  • Prize raffle
  • Pumpkin carving competition
  • Fancy dress prizes


It was agreed that additional volunteers would be required to support the event and that a request would be made for volunteers.


Quick wins


It was agreed that parents should be reminded of the Easyfundraising.org.uk scheme that can be used when purchasing items online.


It was also agreed to investigate the clothes recycling that had been used as a previous fundraising method. 



Any other business


There was discussion of reviving the calendars which include advertising from businesses.  It was agreed to follow this up with a view to producing in time for Christmas.


CC requested new PTA members provide information required for Charity Commission, being name, date of birth, address, telephone number.




A.G.M. Meeting Minutes – Aberford C of E Primary School P.T.A.

Location:        Arabian Horse

Date:               Thursday 20th September 2018

Time:              7pm


Dee Andrews, Nicola Walshaw, Caroline Calder, Jenny Eastwood, Lisa Martland, Rochelle Bodey, Emma Warner.


Philippa Boulding, Janine Swales, Louise Hofert, Helen Healey, Laura Slater, Kat Knox-Renshaw, Becky Blackmore.

Agenda Items

  1. Matters arising from the previous meeting
  2. Chair’s report
  3. Treasurer’s report
  4. Election of the new Committee
  5. A.O.B.

Event items

  1. Matters arising from the previous meeting
  • Nicola mentioned that Laura Slater, Kat Knox-Renshaw and Becky Blackmore have offered to organize an ‘adults only’ event and were hoping to hold it during last term, although time was an issue and therefore they have pledged to re-schedule it for next year instead.
  • It was raised that the P.T.A. have been given the go-ahead to open a Facebook page to promote events etc. by Philippa Boulding and it was suggested that perhaps the new P.T.A. Committee may want to look into this further should they wish to.
  • The profit from the Summer Gala stands at £2,700 once the P.T.A. has received the ‘match funding’ from Barclays Bank and after expenses such as Leavers hoodies, leaving party etc. had been paid for.  The P.T.A. are currently fundraising for a set of iPad’s for School to replace the existing ones, the target is around £4,300.  The profit’s from future events will be added to the existing total until the target is reached and the set of iPad’s can be purchased.


  1.  Chair’s report
  • Dee stated that she had spoken to Head teachers from other Schools who use Android tablets rather than iPad’s as they are least expensive and the money saved can be used to pay for other items.   The concern is that the iPad’s which School are currently using are having to be replaced and are less than 4 ½ years old. The P.T.A. funds have recently been used to purchase 16 Laptops at a cost of £4083.  When the P.T.A. asked why the iPad’s were needing to be replaced when a set of Laptops have been recently purchased they were told different aspects of the computing curriculum can be done with different devices.  It was advised that the new Committee should look into this further.
  • The subject of the possibility of raising funds for School to have a Defibrillator attached to an outside wall (therefore giving the whole community access at all times) was discussed.  This has been raised before but concerns for the up-keep of it were expressed.  Nicola explained about a situation recently at a School in Garforth where one was used to save the life of a 6 year old child.  Both Dee and Nicola are passionate that the Village should have access to another Defibrillator (there is one attached to the wall of the old Village shop) as time is of the essence when one has to be used and of the close proximity to Jubilee Field where many activities take place.
  • It was mentioned that during the time the current P.T.A. have been  representatives, a lot of improvements have been made including the purchase of new gazebo’s, equipment and advertising material to maximize profit.  The Bank Account has substantial funds to provide an excellent basis for the new Committee going forward to build upon.


  1.  Treasurer’s report
  • An audit of the accounts need to be carried out before the new Committee take over.  Lisa Martland will assist Caroline with this as she has an accounts background. 
  • Caroline summarized the accounts by saying that the total income for the year was £3669.67, stock held £589, the amount spent £2586 and the surplus £1083.
  • Dee mentioned that perhaps the new Committee would benefit from having Debit Cards for the Bank Account as the current way of paying for items out of personal funds then claiming back the money and being issued with a  cheque is time consuming and dependent on credit available to the individual at the time.  Caroline said that she would be happy for this to happen but didn’t know if cards were available on the Business Account.  Nicola said that she had taken a look at the account recently via on-line banking and said that it appears that this may be possible.
  • Caroline concluded that the Accounts will be signed off in the next few weeks.


  1.  Election of the new Committee
  • Current P.T.A. Representatives (Dee & Nicola)  tended their resignations.
  • Jenny Eastwood, Lisa Martland and Rochelle Bodey cited their intentions to stand for election, Caroline Calder ‘seconded’ . All welcomed the new P.T.A. and wished them well.
  1.  A.O.B.
  • Dee mentioned that a questionnaire was sent out to parents in 2016 asking for feedback on how to spend the funds they helped to raise and unanimously the decision was to utilize it on ‘learning resources’.  The P.T.A. however have funded 2 repairs to the playground on the field at a cost of £1,000 and the Leavers hoodies and party.  It was concluded that perhaps the new Committee should challenge the requests made as to whether they are true to the greater and good of the intentions of the questionnaire.


Meeting closed



Meeting Minutes – Aberford C of E Primary School P.T.A.


Location:  Arabian Horse       

Date:  Thursday 22nd March 2018

Time:  7pm



Dee Andrews, Nicola Walshaw, Caroline Calder, Kelly Brown, Lynda Shaw, Ann Sadler, Martyn Sadler, Mark Darley, Lisa Martland, Christine Morley, Janine Swales.


Philippa Boulding, Becky Blackmore, Laura Slater, Lindsey Cully, Martin Cully, Louise Hofert, Sarah Darley, Craig Andrews, Gary Walshaw.

Agenda items

  1. Matters arising from the previous meeting.
  2. Summer Gala 2018
  3. A.O.B.

Event items

  1. Matters arising from the previous meeting:-


  • Nicola mentioned that she had spoken to Laura Slater recently regarding her offer to organise and run an ‘adults only’ event this year along with Becky Blackmore and Kat Knox-Renshaw. Laura is happy to go ahead with this and suggested an 80’s night fancy dress to be held in June.  Details of which will follow in a Newsletter/flyer in book bags shortly.
  • A meeting was held between the P.T.A. and Miss Boulding to discuss the possibility of a P.T.A. Facebook page to promote events.  Miss Boulding has given her blessing for this to go ahead.


  1. Summer Gala


  • Dee mentioned Jubilee Field as a possible venue for the Gala to be held this year as the P.T.A. have already been given permission to use it.  The P.T.A. feels this is an ideal venue due to the amount of space to enable more vendors to be able to take part.  Although, the P.T.A. will need a lot of help from parents/carers for setting up, helping to run stalls and for clearing up afterwards for an event of this size to take place.  The P.T.A. will need to hire generators and portable toilets; Ann suggested we ask the Parish Council for a contribution towards this.
  • The Village Hall was suggested as an alternative venue and Aberford Albion Football club side field.
  • The date that has been mentioned is Saturday 14th July 2018 after  consideration has been taken to other events happening that month including Cub Scout camp and Miss Katie’s School of Dance Competition.
  • The P.T.A. has acquired a new game for the Gala called ‘Splat the Rat’ and ‘Punch and Judy’. Also, the P.T.A. are keen to bring back the old favourites such as the Village ‘tug of war’ North vs South and ‘welly wanging’.
  • Lisa suggested a fun game which involves a tower of flour and a rolo.
  • Martyn said he could get a price on portable toilets and generators and he would be able to loan the P.T.A. tables for the stalls.
  • Lynda suggested that we approach Castleford Tigers and ask if they would like to sponsor the event and/or provide us with a raffle prize.  Nicola asked if the School would be able to contact Castleford Tigers on the P.T.A.’s behalf as they have a strong partnership with them.
  • Caroline mentioned that South Milford Gala was sponsored by Manning Stainton.
  • Dee said she’d approach TWS to see if they would be willing to sponsor the Gala.
  • Mark said he knew of someone that has a refrigerated van which can be used to store the alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages. Further action required.
  • Lynda said the P.T.A. need to advertise for lots of help from parents/carers, either by donating items, setting up/clearing up or running stalls. Kelly suggested the P.T.A. should have their own Newsletter to enable this.
  • Lisa suggested we should advertise events on a notice board in School however Dee pointed out that the previous notice board was damaged and Miss Boulding mentioned to the P.T.A. that she was going to provide a replacement.  Lynda will approach Miss Boulding to enquire about this. 
  • Dee advised that the P.T.A. we’re thinking of using funds in the bank account to pay for a Defibrillator to be positioned at School.  However both Lynda and Martyn both remarked that it would take a lot of upkeep, monthly maintenance etc. and since the Village already have a Defibrillator (positioned on the wall of the old Village shop) that we possibly won’t be eligible for it to be subsidised.
  • Lynda however said that Miss Boulding had sent a ‘wish list’ item to consider. That being 12 new iPad’s at a total cost of £4144 (including V.A.T.).  The iPad’s the children use at the moment are 3 years old and 6 of them are broken due to wear and tear. All agreed as the children use them every day alongside the new Laptop’s purchased last year and it would be a sound investment.  Dee concluded that initially the P.T.A. could purchase 6 iPad’s to replace the broken ones and possibly the remaining 6 depending on how successful the Gala is this year.
  • Kelly mentioned that she knew of someone who could possibly want to sponsor the event. Further action required.
  •  Ann suggested we approach Lidl (the new Supermarket in Garforth) for sponsorship, also LNT. Further action required.
  • Dee advised that the P.T.A. will schedule another meeting nearer to the event in order to finalise details.
  1. A.O.B.
  • Nicola suggested it would be a good idea to have a tea tent at Sports Day this year.  Christine offered to help run it.  There will also be ice-cream/ice lollies on sale at School after the event like last year.
  • It was mentioned that we should ask for donations of buns/cakes to sell also.
  • The current Chair and co-Chair of the P.T.A. mentioned of their intentions to resign from their posts at the end of this School year in July, this is to give the opportunity of a new P.T.A. forming by the start of the new School term in September. Caroline Calder has kindly agreed to stay on the Committee as Treasurer.


Meeting adjourned.

Meeting Minutes – Aberford C of E Primary School P.T.A.

Location:        Arabian Horse

Date:               Wednesday 18th October 2017

Time:              7pm


Dee Andrews, Nicola Walshaw, Caroline Calder, Kelly Brown, Lisa Martland, Mark Darley, Helen Healey, Kirsty Hand, Emma Whiteside, Ann Sadler, Martin Sadler.

Apologies: -  Philippa Boulding, Laura Slater, Kat Knox-Renshaw, Craig Andrews, Gary Walshaw, Jenny Eastwood, Janine Swales, Sarah Sadler.

Agenda Items


  1. Easyfundraising.
  2. Halloween party & fireworks 2017.
  3. Christmas party 2017.
  4. Adults only event 2018.
  5. School calendar.
  6. A.O.B.

Event items

  1. Easyfundraising:-
  • Dee mentioned that we will put all the Easyfundraising information on a Newsletter next term to promote the cause.  She thanked Helen Healey who used the Easyfundraising website to purchase items for her shop which she is opening shortly.
  • Easyfundraising.org.uk   (cause name: - Aberford Primary PTA-Leeds).


  1. Halloween party & fireworks 2017:-
  • Dee mentioned that tickets will be still on sale next week direct from the Arabian Horse. 
  • She explained that the ‘Mr. Pumpkin Head’ competition was the idea of the Landladies and they would like it to become an annual village event; like Barwick in Elmet has the annual Maypole festival etc. They had to limit the age to over 18’s only because when it take’s place it will be dark outside and the course may be tricky.
  • The P.T.A. will be selling hot food 4-6pm (pie & peas and jumbo hot dogs), sweet’s and toy’s at the event.
  • We have ‘guess the amount of sweets in the hamper basket’ £1 a go, winner gets them all!
  • Prizes for ‘best dressed boy & girl’, adult fancy dress optional.
  • As the pub is open to the public during this time, we are having a dedicated side door entry to the event.  During the event the smoking shelter (in the car park) will be closed off and smoking will be permitted either to the side of the pub (the gate will be locked) or the front.  This is stop people from having to walk through the party to get to the smoking shelter.
  • Help is required for the sale of hot food, door entry, sweet stall and party games.  Thank you to all our volunteer’s; we will be drawing up a rota shift pattern.
  • With grateful thanks to Emma Whiteside who kindly offered to obtain some biscuit’s/bun’s from Greggs at a discount however, the P.T.A. already have enough stock to carry forward to sell.  Although, we will be requiring Emma’s assistance to purchase baked goods for the Christmas party event this year.


  1. Christmas party 2017:-
  • The P.T.A. are looking at holding a children’s Christmas party at the Village Hall this year providing enough volunteer’s come forward to help organize and run it.
  • Lisa suggested Santa could make an entrance during the party and hand present’s out in the hall rather than having a Santa’s grotto like last year.
  • Kirsty said this idea was popular at a Ballet party she attended last year.
  • We are looking at possible dates of the 2nd or the 9th December and are waiting to hear if any of these dates are free.


  1. Adults only event(s) 2018:-
  • Laura Slater has kindly offered to organize and run an adult’s only event next year. Details of which will follow on a Newsletter nearer the time.
  • It felt consideration should also be given to a Race night, Mark & Martin explained how it would work. Helen suggested local businesses could sponsor the races. Preparation’s need to be made before this idea can go ahead.  Further action is required.
  • Dee said the P.T.A. will run the bar for the event and possibly people can bring their own food/order takeaway.


  1. School calendar:-
  • Dee mentioned that it was highly unlikely that the School calendar was going ahead this year due to the disappointing response from the Questionnaire that was sent out to parents.
  • The P.T.A. however are already in the early planning stages for an exciting Summer Gala next year at a new location (rather than the Village Hall) and will be producing a programme to accompany the event which will include advertising space for those who would like to promote their Company.


  1. A.O.B.:-
  • Kirsty and Emma suggested the P.T.A. should have a Facebook page to promote events.  The idea has been suggested to the P.T.A. before however concerns were raised by Miss Boulding at the time due to security/safeguarding issues.  The P.T.A. will raise the subject again with Miss Boulding and hopefully have a successful outcome. Further action required.
  • Nicola mentioned that the P.T.A. currently have a ‘WhatsApp’ group which was set up to help organize the Summer gala/face painting tutorials.
  • The P.T.A. will be holding a meeting to discuss and arrange the children’s Christmas party shortly; details will be posted on a Newsletter forthwith.


Meeting adjourned


Meeting Minutes – Aberford C of E Primary School P.T.A.

Location:        Arabian Horse

Date:               Thursday 14th September 2017

Time:              7pm


Dee Andrews, Nicola Walshaw, Caroline Calder, Philippa Boulding, Kelly Brown, Mike Oakes, Jenny Eastwood, Lisa Martland, Janine Swales, Mark Darley, Helen Healey, Claire Stanley, Graham Stanley, Sarah Sadler, Kirsty Hand, Emma Whiteside, Ann Sadler, Martin Sadler.

Apologies: -  Laura Slater, Kat Knox-Renshaw, Louise Hofert, Craig Andrews, Gary Walshaw.

Agenda Items


  1. Treasurers report.
  2. Matters arising from the previous meeting.
  3. Halloween disco/Bonfire night event.
  4. Christmas fayre.
  5. Adults only event.
  6. Easter event.
  7. A.O.B.


Event items

  1. Treasurers report:-
  • Caroline Calder opened the meeting by running through the Treasurers Report (which will follow the Meeting Minutes).
  • In summary, a substantial amount of monies has been raised during the school years 2016-2017; the P.T.A.’s total funds as of the 18th August 2017 are £7866.


  1. Matters arising from the previous meeting:-
  • An update was given by Nicola re: Easyfundraising (Easyfundraising.org.uk, cause name; Aberford Primary PTA-Leeds). 
  • Since the current P.T.A. took over last September, an amount of £649.18 has been raised by the 30 strong members. 
  • £495.62 has been paid directly into the P.T.A. account; this leaves a shortfall of £153.56 which will be investigated. 


  1. Halloween disco/Bonfire night event:-
  • Dee mentioned that the Halloween disco/Bonfire night event will possibly be combined this year and we are looking at holding it at the Arabian Horse public house.
  • The date of Saturday 28th October 2017 was mentioned and this coincides with a function already booked at the Village Hall which a number of parents from school will be attending therefore Dee & Nicola will liaise with third parties to choose a suitable time to ensure both functions do not clash.
  • Dee & Nicola will arrange a meeting with Catherine & Steph (proprietors of the Arabian Horse) to discuss the matter further. 
  • Emma mentioned that she works for Greggs (in an office capacity) and could possibly look at supplying us with bakery items at a substantial discount to sell at various events.


  1. Christmas fayre:-
  • It was mentioned that we could possibly look at holding a Christmas fayre this year instead of a Christmas disco at the Village Hall as lots of buffet food was left over last time, the set up/clear up took up most of the weekend and the P.T.A. were charged the weekend rate to hire the Village Hall.
  • Emma suggested that we should charge local caterers and stall holders to pay for stalls at the event. 
  • Caroline mentioned that previously the Christmas disco was held at the Village Hall and Santa was positioned on the stage to hand out presents which was quite successful rather than having a Santa’s grotto in the back room of the Village Hall like last year.


  1. Adults only event:-
  • Dee suggested an ‘adults only’ Casino Royale or race night event. It was said that the Casino Royale event which was held in the Arabian Horse by the previous Landlord and Landlady was a success.
  • Caroline mentioned that Becky Blackmore, Laura Slater and Kat Knox-Renshaw had offered to organize an ‘adults only’ event at a previous meeting so a follow up is required.
  • Dee invited groups of parents to organize such an event in the future should they wish, support will be provided.
  • Emma mentioned that another P.T.A. organized a ‘babysitting service’ which was held at School to enable parents to go Christmas shopping to raise funds. 
  • Mark said he would look into the possibility of helping to organize a race night.
  • Dee said that the ‘adults only’ event is a good way for parents to get to know one another outside School. 
  • Jenny mentioned the ‘Welcome meeting’ was a good event for new parents to be welcomed into the School community.
  • Emma suggested a Christmas treasure hunt with mulled wine and a BBQ and also a Ladies night which Dee said had been done before.


  1. Easter event:-
  • The P.T.A. have decided not to go ahead with an Easter event next year but to let Steph and Catherine of the Arabian Horse run it instead.  The decision has been based upon the fact that a lot of families tend to go on holiday at this time of the year so attendance is hard to determine and also that the Easter egg hunt which takes place on the Village Green has been done on numerous occasions.


  1. A.O.B.:-
  • The School Calendar was mentioned and the fact that at least 40% of the Calendar’s printed last year remain unsold; the majority of the money raised was through advertisements. The P.T.A. are not confident that some of advertisers will want to place an ad in again this year and a number of the businesses cease to exist. The question was asked if the Calendar had ‘had its day’ due to current technology as most people use tools on line/Smartphones and there is also a Calendar on the School website.
  • A number of people mentioned that they look forward to seeing the School calendar as it contained a number of pictures of the children throughout the academic year and it was also handy for School holiday dates.
  • A suggestion was made that the P.T.A. should send out a letter to parents to ask if they knew of anyone who would like to place an ad then a decision will be made from there.  Further action required.
  • Mike said that he will approach the Parish Council as they should have a list of businesses in the village that we may be able to ask for sponsorship.
  • Philippa thanked the current P.T.A. for all their hard work in raising funds during the year.
  • Dee has called another meeting for Thursday 19th October 2017 to discuss findings.


Meeting adjourned




PTA Treasurer's Report

14th September 2017

Financial Highlights

The PTA total funds in the Bank as at the 18th August 2017 are £7866.

The cheque for the laptop of £3031.73 is yet to debit the account, leaving a balance of £4835.

Events during 2016/ 2017 have raised £5,375.08.

Expenditure totals £4,567.28. This is mainly made up of donations, with £337.67 being spent on equipment that have been used in PTA events over the year and will be used going forward.


The PTA have run some fantastic events during the year which have been enjoyed by members of the school and the local  Community.  The school playground is now a safer place for our children to play and the laptops will enhance our children's learning this year and in the future.

The first action of the PTA this year is to purchase more laptops with a view to eventually providing the school with a full set.
We look forward to further events during this academic year and welcome any small group to come forward to orgnaise and run an event. Support will be given.

Caroline Calder

13th September 2017



Meeting Minutes – Aberford C of E Primary School     P.T.A.

Location:        Arabian Horse

Date:              Thursday 23rd February 2017

Time:             7pm


Dee Andrews, Craig Andrews, Nicola Walshaw, Gary Walshaw, Caroline Calder, Ann Sadler, Martin Sadler, Mark Darley, Laura Slater, Louise Hofert, Janine Swales, Nichola Smith, Rochelle Bodey.

Apologies: - Philippa Boulding, Kat Knox-Renshaw, Jenny Eastwood, Becky Blackmore, Sarah Darley, Simon Johnson.

Agenda Items

  1. Matters arising from the previous meeting.
  2. Easter event. 
  3. Summer Gala.
  4. A.O.B.

Action Items

  1. Matters arising from the previous meeting:-
  • All school calendar payments from the advertisers have been successfully collected.
  • Easyfundraising (Easyfundraising.org.uk – cause: Aberford Primary PTA – Leeds) – a total of £350 has been raised since the launch of the competition last October.
  • Current available funds in the P.T.A. account stands at £6,888.44
  • Miss Bouldings ‘wish list’ complete with quotes was handed round to ask for opinions on how some of the money raised should be spent.  It was agreed that perhaps we should obtain further quotes, distribute a questionnaire to all parents to ask for opinions then make a decision from there.



  1.  Easter event:-
  • The event is booked for Sunday 16th April at the Arabian Horse (time to be advised).
  • Dee asked Louise Hofert (who organized last year’s event) what kind of activities took place as we want to do something different this year.  Louise mentioned the Easter egg hunt, family quiz, ‘guess the name of the bunny’, sweet stall etc.
  • Ann Sadler suggested hardboiled egg rolling.
  • Tickets - £2 per child was suggested for the egg hunt.
  • Laura Slater offered to organize ‘guess how many eggs are in the jar’.
  • A bouncy castle is also an option.
  • Nichola Smith suggested perhaps we could charge stallholders to come to the event.
  • Louise, Laura and Becky Blackmore have offered to run a stall or help out at the event.
  • Nichola has offered to do face painting and will ask her friend if she could help out also.
  • Steph and Catherine (of the Arabian Horse) are to organize a BBQ instead of doing Sunday lunch on the day.


  1. Summer Gala:-
  • The event is booked for Saturday 1st July at the Village Hall (time to be advised).
  • Idea’s for stalls discussed were:-

Chocolate tombola, lucky jars, hide the bottle, splat the rat, photo booth, sweet stall, tea tent, brick-a-brack raffle, plant stall, hook a duck, face painting, tattoos and hairspray. 

  • Dee suggested having a hog roast, all agreed. Martin Sadler/Mark Darley said they knew of someone who could possible organize it for us to serve ourselves and will obtain a quote.
  • Caroline Calder suggested that perhaps we could ask a ‘fish and chip’ van to be present instead of doing a BBQ. 
  • Martin was asked if he would kindly organize the float for the Gala Queen.
  • Hot dogs were suggested for the children and a vegetarian option also.
  • Nicola mentioned that maybe we could book a live band to perform at the event.  Laura said she would ask her contacts.
  • Nichola mentioned that she used to be a member of Boston Spa high school band and perhaps to approach them.
  • Dee mentioned she would quite like to organize an auction.  Laura suggested a silent auction. Possible prize suggestions include:-

a voucher for La Bella Vita (garforth), Aagrah (Garforth), Thorpe Park Spa, Wood Hall Spa (Ann will approach to ask for a voucher), Hazelwood Castle, Diggerland (Mark Darley will approach and ask for a family ticket), Hairdressing voucher (Nichola to contact), Nestle (Craig Andrews to approach and ask for a ticket for a tour), Bear Grylls was mentioned (as he has connections to the village) by Dee as she has a contact who may be able to ask for a piece of signed memorabilia, Nichola said she would approach her contact to ask if we could have some signed memorabilia from Leeds United.

  • D.J. Craig has been booked for the event.
  • A bouncy castle has been booked.
  • Dee suggested that we purchase some gazebos.  Nichola suggested a ‘pop up tent’ gazebo as they are easier to put up/take down. Martin suggested we use Gala tent as they are really well made and will withstand wear and tear.  Martin also mentioned he had a ‘spider dome’ gazebo that was used at the Arabian Horse for the music festival.


  1.  A.O.B.:-
  • An adult’s only event was mentioned and the possibility of a MacMillan charity race day at York races to be organized for Saturday 17th June 2017.  Martin mentioned that Kully Morris organized one previously which he said was really good and she also organized Champagne for the coach on the way to the event.
  • Martin/Laura suggested that we make tickets available to purchase from the Arabian Horse and therefore not just limit it to school parents/friends.
  • Dee mentioned that she has been approached by parents asking for the P.T.A. to organize a New Year’s Eve event for adults and children which got a positive response from the group.  Dee said that D.J. Craig has kindly offered to provide the entertainment.  Martin suggested we order Pizza Picante takeaway.  Dee suggested everyone to bring their own food to the event.  Louise suggested asking a mobile food van to visit rather than doing food.  Nichola mentioned we should do a theme, Dee suggested a ‘black tie’ event.  Martin suggested a competition for ‘best dressed’.
  • Leaver’s hoodies – Mark suggested to ask Charlotte Brooker to price them up.  Laura will also ask her neighbour for a quote.
  • The mural to commemorate the school Centenary was mentioned and Laura offered to contact a Pottery company she knows of in Pontefract to possibly quote.  A wooden plaque was suggested instead of a mural.  Martin suggested organizing an old school reunion to celebrate the Centenary.
  • Mark/Martin suggested a ‘horse racing’ night (adults only event) to be held at the Village Hall and could possibly ask a contact to help organize.
  • Nichola has offered to organize a ‘face painting’ workshop to teach a team of 6 people on the basics of ‘face painting’ to be able to primarily provide a rotation of ‘face painters’ at the events when needed. Volunteers for the workshop currently are: - Dee, Nicola, Louise and Janine.  More volunteers are required please.


Meeting adjourned






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